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Collapsible cores for the plastic industry

multi-cavity mold with 4 collapsible cores
4-fold mold with Collabsible Cores, Built in 1995


The market demands more and more complex plastic parts at always lower prices.


The collapsible core is the ideal solution for removing injection molded parts with undercuts or claws or threaded parts in a cost-effective way from the mold.


12% of the undercuts can be removed without any problems - in special cases even 17%.


The design of each collapsible core is customized, so that the core can be manufactured in accordance with the customerĀ“s specifications. This will make it possible to produce a wide variety of contours with diameters ranging from 8mm to 240mm and a contour length of up to 130mm. The overall length of the collapsible cores will be determined individually.


We deliver the collapsible core with the complete contour to you - ready to be installed, so that your complex plastic part will satisfy the highest quality demands at modest prices.


Do get touch with us an let us have your special inquiry!