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Removing undercuts under normal conditions

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Removing the undercuts in the course of making opening an closing movements.

The undercuts are stripped with the help of a scraper that is operated via a latch locking unit or a 2-step ejector.




Removing undercuts form the side

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Removing the undercut or the threaded part in the mold parting line above the hydraulic cylinder.


It is also possible to remove several undercuts with one cylinder.





Removing the cap from the mold

to remove this injection molded part: collapsible core with inserted cap
injection molded part which the undercut needs to be removed



Undercuts on the front side or long contours

require the use of a revolving cap.



This cap will be shifted into the collapsible core.

The cooling bore is located in the cap`s guide bar.







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Collapsible core with a cap in injection position
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Sectional drawing: collapsible core with inserted cap