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NEW: Collapsible core completely ready for installation

Collapsible core- variants

With our collapsible core- variants, we are able to accomodate your specific needs.

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You benefit from using collapsible cores


  1.  Your tool designer will find a fast and easy solution. Round recesses will

       make it possible to design smaller molds.


   2.  Your moldmaker will no longer be forced to install complicated and

        cost-intensive spindle units, but can install the completely ground

        collapsible core.


   3.  Your operator who is setting the injection molding machine will

         also be pleased to see his work made easier. No limit switches

         and cables. All this as a result of smaller molds and, hence,

         smaller machines!


   4.   Your plastic processing engineer will save time with each shot,

         since the part need no longer be put into and removed from

         the spindle.


   5.   Your part designer can create a less expensive product more efficiently.


   6.   Your accountant can check the calculation: The seemingly

         cost-intensive collapsible core will itself off in the most cases.



   Convince yourself by having a look at the following example calculation:


click to enlarge

   Make this calculation with your own specific figures.


   In order to do so download the following Excel calculation and calculate with  

   your own input values (targeted number of pieces, cycle time,...).