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NEW: Collapsible core completely ready for installation

Collapsible core- variants

With our collapsible core- variants, we are able to accomodate your specific needs.

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Our service


   You can rely on our  comprehensive and complete support.


   1. We advice you in all detail on how your collapsible core works and how it is

       to be used.


   2. We design your collapsible core in 2D and 3D. You will get the data of the

       collapsible core for further tool designing.


   3. We manufacture your collapsible core and its complete contour.


   4. Depending on the plastic used and tool temperature, we have your

       collapsible core coated.


   5. You can benefit from price discounts, when you order collapsible cores for

       multi-cavity molds.


   6. Your collapsible core can be re-processed, modified, adjusted and even

       repaired. As an example, should you notice after the sampling that the

       plastic shrinks in a different way than expected, we may able to adjust your

       collapsible core after having inspected the parts. The thread can also be



      Do get touch with us an let us have your special inquiry!